Twin Lakes Camp and Conference is Hiring Summer Staff

Just wanted to give everyone an update on staff hiring. We still need quite a few counselors for the summer, and a few more support/leadership...44 to be exact! The number is a bit shocking, I know. We are trusting the Lord to bring in just the right people to help minister to the hearts of the 700+ campers (and climbing) who have already signed up for this summer.

We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word of what an amazing opportunity serving at Twin Lakes is in the life of a summer staffer. Feel free to share with your church youth and/or college ministry leader, high school, college campus ministry, social club, intramural team, GroupMe's, etc. Who knows...maybe we can make this fun with some prizes and such?!?

FYI, the only category that we have filled for this summer is female assistant counselors (ages 16-17). Male and female applicants age 18+ are welcome to apply, as well as males age 16-17.

Thanks, guys. We greatly appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to prepare. We are super excited to see the way that God provides in this and so many more ways this summer.

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