The House in Between

Article and Pictures by Florence News Reporter, Kerri Roberts:

A Mysterious Home in Florence.

The paranormal has been a popular phenomenon for years and years, but no one expects it to show up in their own hometown, let alone in their own home. Alice Jackson owns a residence in Florence, and her home is the centerpiece of the movie The House in Between, available to stream on several platforms. Her home, located right here in the heart of Florence, has been documented for over 10 years with unexplainable occurrences happening. The inside and the outside of the house are beautiful. It’s a basic A-frame house, built in the early 1990s. Alice explains how she lived in the home for many years, and how the unexplainable occurrences began happening during the construction of the home.

The movie, released in 2020, shows unexplained documentation from inside the home. The entire home is wired with cameras both inside and out. The most interesting phenomena must be the baseball that mysteriously rolls down the stairs when no one is around, doors that open and close on their own, or the lights that turn themselves off and on. Brad Cooney, an investigator into the home, along with John Bullard, and Alice, brought in contractors to test if the foundation was level, electricians to test the lights, and physics experts, all to try and get an explanation for these occurrences. The house is level, the electrician gave an all-clear, and the physics professionals were stumped. Also in the movie are electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP, documentations.

During a recent visit to the home, I was able to witness the camera setups, the wiring, meet Alice Jackson and Brad Cooney, as well as see documentation not available in the movie. Alice showed an EVP recording where Brad was being extra pushy one day, and a voice with a different accent altogether clearly says, “He wants us to turn off the lights.” She also showed a video of her grandson, George, sitting in the recliner of the dining room asking for the lights to turn off, then they mysteriously did. Alice also has photobooks of orbs, which are small, usually circles, unexplainable specs of lights in photographs.

The cameras are still up in the house and recording 24 hours a day. A monitor sits in a back room to view outside cameras, and another monitor in the dining room to view inside cameras. A stuffed animal is sitting on one of the beds, and a doll carriage sits at the top of the stairs, with cameras pointed at both. The baseball is even sitting on the stairs, just waiting to be moved yet again. Brad and Alice want everyone to know there is absolutely nothing demonic about the home, there are no ill-will or ill intentions, and although a little unexplainable, they are continuing to research and document their findings.

The movie might have ended, but this house has much more to uncover.

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