The Big Thrift is on the move

The Big Thrift, a business currently located at 2785 Highway 49 South in Florence, is a thrift store like no other. It is owned by a non-profit organization, Mississippi Spay & Neuter [MS SPAN], with all proceeds supporting two non-profit animal welfare organizations, MS SPAN and Mississippi Animal Rescue League [MARL].

It is the brain child of MS SPAN's founder and president, Elaine Adair. In October of 2014, while attending a conference, Adair learned of other animal welfare organizations that had opened thrift stores in an effort to raise funds and help more animals. Believing this would be a good fit for MS SPAN, the Big Thrift opened its doors shortly thereafter - in December of 2014 - and has been going strong ever since.

They sell many of the same items that other thrift shops do, but the store has a reputation of being exceptionally clean and well-organized with a boutique-style atmosphere. Shoppers will find merchandise such as: clothing, household items, kid's stuff, electronics, holiday items, media, books, pet supplies and furniture. Sales at the shop change weekly and stock is rotated and reduced in price all the time.

Since 2014 the store has been managed by MS SPAN staff, who currently travel back and forth from the clinic in Pearl to the thrift store in Florence. However, As of December 7, MS SPAN’s Big Fix Clinic is moving to a new location in Richland and will be followed shortly thereafter by The Big Thrift.

Moving into a building owned by MS SPAN will eliminate rental expenses and save staff time, both of which allow them to dedicate more funds directly to helping animals. The new shop will also have an adoption center that will be available every Saturday for MARL and other non-profit animal welfare organizations.

All those interested in getting involved with the Big Thrift have options: shop, donate, volunteer, and/or plan to attend the open house that MS SPAN will be hosting in December. Any of these activities contribute in a meaningful way to their fund-raising efforts - and anything that contributes to the success of the thrift shop, will ultimately benefit MS SPAN and MARL.

MS SPAN will be hosting the open house at the new facility, located at 657 Highway 49, Richland, on Saturday, December 7, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

For more information on volunteering, visit and for more information about the open house or the Big Thrift, visit

The Big Thrift is on the move

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