Richland Seniors get their own facility and plans to expand

By Terri Wood, Senior Services Director for the City of Richland

The Richland Senior Center is located at 371 Scarbrough Street, across from City Hall and the Library. This facility has been a Daycare, City Hall, Richland Police Department, and the Parks & Recreation Department and now is the home to our Senior Adults. Previously the senior programs were held at the Richland Community Center. The community center was a great place to have our programs, but neither could grow. Parks and Recreation would be getting their Multi-purpose building soon (which will be located next to the community center) so we decided to swap buildings during the quarantine. Of course, the corona virus put our programs on hold, but gave us the opportunity to transform this building into the Senior Center. This building is great for most of our daily activities, but not for our big events that we have often. So, in the next few months, we will expand this building to accommodate all our senior needs and expand our programs as well.

The good news is we are now open and our seniors are coming back to their activities. We are still under restrictions on how many people can attend, but we hope that will change soon as well.

At this time, we offer exercise classes, crochet class, Bible study, art class, tap dancing, exercise with art and line dancing classes. We have several volunteers that help teach and we love our volunteers because they help our programs grow. Once limitations are lifted, we hope to start back with game days, luncheons, and more.

We love our new location and we are ready to serve our community. We are committed to offer programs and activities that will help our senior adults maintain a healthy lifestyle and enhance their quality of life. Please give us a call at 601-420-3401/3402 and see how you can become an active member.

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