Richland MYC “Disney Trip Raffle” underway to fund DC trip

At the present time, Richland Mayor’s Youth Council (Richland MYC) is preparing for a much-anticipated trip to Washington D.C. slated for spring 2022. Part of this preparation includes collecting the much-needed funding to make it a successful journey. To that end, Richland MYC is currently raffling off a $3,000 Disney trip. Stephanie Ward, the Richland MYC sponsor, is overseeing all of the preparations and activities surrounding the event, as she has done faithfully in the past.

This year, Richland MYC is partnering with the City of Pearl’s Mayor’s Youth Council, allowing members of both youth organizations an opportunity to visit many of the locations of national and historic significance.

The Monday through Friday trip will begin the last Monday in May and run until Friday, June 2, 2022. They will travel by way of a chartered bus and, once arriving at the destination, will be attending scheduled activities as a group. The agenda is packed full of historic stops - places that to date they have only read about. The list includes the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, the Vietnam War Memorial, the White House, Washington’s home on the Potomac, and, hopefully, Ford’s Theatre, the famous location of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The agenda also includes a special visit to the World War II Memorial for a wreath-laying ceremony, where the group will converge on the Mississippi section of the Memorial to lay a wreath.

Ward says that the main purpose of the trip is to allow members of the youth council to have a personal experience of our nation’s history.

“You can learn things from a book and from hearing from a teacher, but actually seeing it brings a whole new light to it. You get a different perspective.”

The deadline to purchase tickets is Tuesday, November 30. The cost per raffle ticket is $10 and may be purchased at the Richland Mayor’s Office from Stephanie Ward or any of the Richland or Pearl MYC members who will be attending the DC trip.

The drawing will be held on Friday, December 10, on Richland MYC Facebook live. Ward will contact the winner directly to provide official notification. The winner will receive a $3,000 travel voucher with Magnolia Travel Group in Madison. Tickets may be purchased from any Richland MYC member attending the trip, or online at To purchase raffle tickets online, use RMYC code: RMYC.

For more information, contact Stephanie Ward at the Mayor’s office at 601-420-1530.

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