Richland High School Homecoming 2020

Richland High School will be celebrating their 2020 Homecoming, Thursday, September 24 at 7:00 pm.   This year because of Covid, we will be having all homecoming festivities on Thursday night.

RHS SENIOR HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 senior maids are (front, l to r)  Brianna Alford and Karla Burgos; (back, l to r) Tamora Haymon and Callie Tisdale.  Not pictured Rylea Barrier and Katie Beth Holmes.

JUNIOR HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 junior maids are (front, l to r)  Lona Quichocho and Sydney Ragsdale;  (back, l to r) Ema Roland and Laila Anderson.

RHS SOPHOMORE HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 sophomore maids are (front, l to r) Alainah Alexander and Emily Bridges;  (back, l to r)  Chloe Owens and Ciera Johnson.

RHS FRESHMEN HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 freshmen maids are (front, l to r)  Jordan Whittington and Isa Alvarado; (back, l to r)  Megan James and Cierra Sheppard. RHS 8th GRADE HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 eight grade maids are (l to r) Jaylen Bridges and Skylar Reel. RHS 7th GRADE HOMECOMING MAIDS - The 2020 seventh grade maids are (l to r) Sarah Bates and Peyton Perkins.

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