MS SPAN Receives 14K Banfield Foundation® Grant

Mississippi Spay & Neuter (MS SPAN) recently announced a $13,964.35 grant investment from the Banfield Foundation® to support life-saving work for animals in Central Mississippi. The Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant helps expand veterinary care for pets in need. The grant also provides funding toward purchasing veterinary medical equipment for veterinary clinics and practices, including shelters, low-cost and mobile practices.

MS SPAN offers spay/neuter procedures, as well as vaccinations, de-wormers, umbilical hernia repair, microchipping, and nail trims at the time of surgery.

"Banfield Foundation is a purpose-driven organization—one that has never lost sight of our responsibility to give back while responding to and meeting the needs of our nonprofit partners, pets, and communities,” says Anthony Guerrieri, President,

and Chairman of the Banfield Foundation Board of Directors.

Since 2008, MS SPAN has provided high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter services at their Big Fix Clinic. As of September 30, 2021, 62,485 animals have been fixed at the Big Fix Clinic. Spay/neuter is provided at a low cost, and no animal has turned away due to a guardian's inability to pay. The Banfield Foundation Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant allows Mississippi Spay and Neuter to continue providing a high quality of care for patients with upgraded medical and surgical equipment.

In 2020, MS SPAN opened Elaine’s Basic Care and Wellness Center. Due to COVID-19 and staffing, the wellness center has only operated during partial business hours, with a goal of opening weekly by the end of 2021. Low-cost wellness services help keep pets healthy and in the home with their family.

“Much of our equipment was purchased when our clinic opened in 2008 and has served us well,” said Sharon Garner, Executive Director at MS SPAN. “Unfortunately, much of it is nearing the end of its useful life or has been retired from service. This generous grant from Banfield Foundation will allow us to purchase two surgical tables, an autoclave for instrument sterilization, and a hematocrit centrifuge for patient blood work. We will now be able to offer affordable patient blood work in-house, allowing for increased access to care, especially for older animals who must receive blood work before spay/neuter surgery.”

MS SPAN’s Big Fix Clinic is located at 657 Highway 49 in Richland, and Elaine's Basic Care and may be found directly behind the Big Fix Clinic.

To support MS SPAN, visit For more information on how MS SPAN is serving animals in central Mississippi, contact Shelby Siefers at 601-420-2438.

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