Soldiers from units across Mississippi are conducting their

annual training with the Mississippi National Guard at the National Training

Center at Fort Irwin, California now through the month of June.

The MSNG is a lethal, relevant, and ready force. They are prepared to

deploy for missions in Mississippi and beyond when our Nation calls. The

155th is one of two Army National Guard fully modernized brigade combat

teams in the U.S. Army and is the largest unit in the Mississippi National Guard with approximately 3,850 Soldiers (including Kansas' 1-635th Armor

Regiment). The brigade's 1st Battalion, 155th Infantry Regiment is the sixth

oldest infantry regiment in the U.S. Army and is known as the "Mississippi


The Magnolia State's NTC rotation is designed by the U.S. Army's Total

Force Policy training guidelines. Mississippi is just one of several states

serving together executing joint training focused on realistic scenarios

designed to challenge a multitude of military occupational specialties and

diverse units from across the state and nation to include but not limited


. 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team - Tupelo

. 1st Battalion, 155th Infantry Regiment - McComb

. 2d Battalion, 198th Armor Regiment - Senatobia

. 2d Battalion, 114th Field Artillery Regiment - Starkville

. 1st Squadron, 98th Cavalry Regiment - Amory

. 106th Base Support Battalion - Hattiesburg

. 150th Engineer Battalion - Meridian

. 1st Battalion, 635th Armor Regiment - Kansas National Guard

. 184th Sustainment Command - Laurel

. 298th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Philadelphia

. 113th Military Police Company - Brandon

. 11th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade - Texas National Guard

. A/1-49 Attack Reconnaissance Squadron - Tupelo

. D/1-49 Aviation Maintenance - Tupelo

. A/1-185th Assault Helicopter Battalion - Jackson

. D/1-185th Assault Helicopter Battalion - Jackson

. 238th Air Support Operations Squadron - Meridian

. 172d Airlift Wing - Flowood

. 102d Mobile Public Affairs Detachment - Jackson

Maj. Gen. Janson D. Boyles, the Mississippi National Guard adjutant

general, defines success for this year's annual training mission. "The

Mississippi National Guard's training at the National Training Center offers

a Total Force training opportunity focused on testing our systems and skills

so that we can communicate, move down range, and order equipment and

supplies in an austere environment. The training is realistic and prepares

our soldiers, airmen, and leaders for any mission at home or abroad."

National Guard readiness relies on well-considered planning, expertly

trained personnel, and the willingness to respond to the nation's needs at

moment's notice. Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Silvester Tatum, the Mississippi National

Guard senior enlisted leader, got a firsthand look with MSNG senior leaders

during a recent visit to NTC as our personnel focused on the beginning

phases of training.

"Ensuring readiness and resiliency for our Soldiers is a primary task.

To maintain readiness requires our soldiers and airmen to be deployable,

sustainable, and interoperable with our active duty comrades," said Cmd.

Sgt. Maj. Tatum. "A rotation at the National Training Center enhances our

readiness across the state."

A NTC rotation replicates the tough, realistic operational environment

that America's war fighters face in combat; the training is relevant and

quickly adaptable to emerging threats and technologies in today's current

operational environments and for tomorrow's challenges. The training is

reflective of the complexities of potential adversaries our nation could

face to include: guerrilla, insurgent, criminal and near-peer conventional

forces woven into one dynamic environment. The NTC rotation allows the

155th, and supporting units to build teamwork and maintain combat readiness

for future missions. Total force training benefits include increased

individual soldier and collective battle staff proficiency, standard

operating procedure exchanges, and stronger cross component relationships.

The 155th is developing those partnerships with the Kansas National Guard's

1st Battalion, 635th Armor Regiment as a member of its formation during NTC

2021. The National Guard is unique with the diversity of our professional

soldiers and airmen and the experience and expertise they bring to the Total


Monticello's 184th Sustainment Command is the lead command element in

Joint Task Force Magnolia assisting the deployment process for the 155th

ABCT's 2021 NTC rotation. It is one of the U.S. Army's 13 sustainment

commands and one of two in the National Guard. The 184th helps to build

combat power and maintain readiness. Without sustainment, units cannot

engage and defeat our adversaries. The 184th and partner elements

facilitated the movement of over 4,000 MSNG personnel and 800 vehicles to

Fort Irwin for the 2021 NTC exercise.

"Our Mississippi Soldiers and Airmen are fully prepared to complete and

support combat operations training at the National Training Center," said

Maj. Gen. Boyles. "This NTC rotation will display the Mississippi National

Guard's robust talent, joint capabilities, and commitment to national


Members of the MSNG will complete their NTC rotation by the end of

June. MSNG soldiers and airmen are true professionals dedicated to the

safety and security of our state and nation.

MSNG DVIDS Photo and Video links available on page four of the attached MSNG


MSNG Video - Interview with Maj. Gen. Janson D. Boyles at NTC June 2, 2021


MSNG Imagery - MSNG Service Members Training at NTC 2021


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