Longtime Pearl resident and employee honored

The City of Pearl recently celebrated the retirement of Thomas Mayo, with a special drive-by parade. He has been employed with the City of Pearl Solid Waste Division since 1998. A resident of Pearl for sixty- five years, Mayo has been married to his wife, Rachel, for sixty-four years. They have three daughters, seven grandchildren (all Pearl graduates) and nine great grandchildren.

  • Photo Cutline1: Schoolbook photo of Thomas Mayo, who graduating from Sebastopol High in 1954.

  • Photo Cutline2: Mayo was selected by Sebastopol High to visit East Central Community Junior College in Decatur, Mississippi. He owned everything but the sports coat that he wore, which was on loan from a friend.

  • Photo Cutline3: Mayo, age 20, on vacation in Bellingrath Gardens on Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  • Photo Cutline4: Mayo pictured in backyard garden.

  • Photo Cutline5: Upon retirement, Mayo returns home to cut grass and work in the backyard garden - his “love and hobby.”

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