Local dance studio opens dance supply shop

A Florence dance studio has recently opened a new store to better serve the needs of dancers in the Southwest Rankin region. Studio Sole, a dance company teaching students in Florence for over six years, has decided that the need for accessible dance equipment is important for parents and students alike, and has opened up their new shop Sole to Sole Danceware on Highway 49 South in Richland. 

“The next closest shop is thirty minutes away,,” said Whitney Sasser, owner and founder of Sole to Sole Danceware. 

The new shop can be found in Richland, and this location was chosen in the triangle between Florence, Brandon, Pearl and Byram. Sasser’s hope is that this will help parents who struggle to travel the distance to get to their nearest dance supply shop to order the required outfits and accessories needed for dance routines. The shop is expected to serve all types of dance classes from around the county, and anyone who may need specific dance outfits can come place orders in the shop. 

Sasser saw the need for a shop through her time as a dancer in college, to now as a dance instructor. After some time helping with other local dance studios in Florence, Sasser had her troupe grow and grow over the years, and she formed a strong bond between herself and the students she taught. Many of these students were the same students she sees every day at her job at Steens Creek Elementary, where she is the librarian of the school.

Sasser says that the trust she shares with both students and parents has allowed her to stand out in the community and exceed expectations. Her troupe has begun to go to several competitions, exceed goals, and shine in the dance community. 

Sole to Sole Dancewear began as an idea between Sasser and her mother, Tracie Sasser, and grew into reality this summer. Tracie Sasser took over the storefront and is now leading the business, while Whitney Sasser focuses on her dance students. 

Local dance studio opens dance supply shop

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