Lifesaving Awards and Medals

By Kerri Roberts

On the evening of August 3, 2021, awards were presented to Sargent Glynn Hancock, Officer Kristen Arendale, and dispatcher Shannon Snell.

Officer Kristen Arendale and Sargent Glynn Hancock responded to a medical call on July 6th, 2020, where a man was having chest pains. At first, the man seemed responsive and okay, but then he took a turn for the worse and was having trouble breathing before becoming unresponsive. They began life saving procedures while waiting for medical personnel. This man was transported to the hospital where he was later released, alive and well.

Officer Kristen Arendale responded to call on June 15th, 2021, for a man having a possible heart attack. Shannon Snell was on scene and directed Officer Arendale to the passenger side of a vehicle where there was an unresponsive man. Officer Arendale pulled the man from the vehicle where Shannon Snell assisted with medical aid. He was transported to the hospital where he had to undergo surgery but was later released alive and well.

The actions of these officers and dispatcher went beyond the normal scope of duties, but they acted without hesitation and have now been presented with Lifesaving Awards and Medals. The citizens of Florence are lucky to have them protecting this city.

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