Kickin' Cancer tournament announces 2021 champions

The Rubber Busters did it again - they are the reigning champions for the Eighth Annual Kickin' Cancer Coed Kickball Tournament in Memory of Paige McLendon. The Enforcers took home second place and the Costumes for a Cause Award.

This year's recipient of all proceeds is wife, mother, nurse, and warrior Jenny Staggs; she and her family say they appreciate all those who contributed to the cause, as she continues to battle colon cancer with a vengeance.

The tournament organizers say they would like to express their thanks to all teams that participated in the 2021 event, including The Dream Team, Lockdown, Like Totally Pitchin,' Kickbacks, Scooby, G.I. Joes, and Blue Power Rangers. Last but not least, thanks and gratitude are also expressed to the amazing volunteers, sponsors, and supporters; organizers say they could not do it without their help.

Tournament organizers say they would also like to express their appreciation to the City of Richland, Mayor Pat Sullivan, Cole Smith, Guy Smith, Jeff Payne, Irby Construction, Mazzio's Italian Eatery, Joey Sebren, Jimmy Dean, and Tammy McGowan, Natalie Crowder, Christian Whitfield, Marshall Kranz, Maddie B. Kirk, Ty Wedgeworth, Bruce Agee, Tyler, and Carson Weaver, Mike Dupree, Renee, and Kevin Moha, Shaun Duran, and Mike Hollins.

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