Inauguration Night for Florence Board Members

On the evening of July 7th, the Florence Aldermen Board Members were sworn in by the city attorney. The mayor, the 5 aldermen, and their families attended the inauguration Tuesday evening. Mayor Bob Norris was sworn in first by placing his left hand on the bible and his right hand in the air, followed by the other aldermen Todd Norris, John Helms, Trey Gunn, Brian Grantham, and John Banks. John Helms has his son hold the bible for him, and Brian Grantham and John Banks had his wife and daughter hold theirs. The short inauguration was filled with lots of laughs, love, and pride. These men will do a wonderful job leading our city over the next 4 year term.

Also appointed were John Helms as mayor pro-tem, Ringer, Lingold & Spencer as city attorney and prosecutor, Ken Fairly as city judge, Joshua McCrory and Randy Clark as city judge pro-tem, Sarah Gregory as indigent attorney, Linda Wigley as city clerk, and Dan McClendon as chief of police. This was done simply by the attorney saying to appoint the person as per the same terms and conditions as the prior fiscal years, and the mayor and board approving.

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