Florence Mayor and Board of Alderman Meeting

Writer: Kerri Roberts

The Florence aldermen meeting of the mayor and board was held on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at 6:30 in the evening. These meetings are held inside city hall every first and third Tuesday of the month. Before the official meeting began, they discussed allowing transit vendors, such as Bougie Coffee, to be allowed to set up in parking lots inside the city of Florence with approval of the business parking lot owners.

This shall be discussed further at later meetings as the city attorney is looking over the current standards for vendors. When the official meeting began, they first heard from Brennan Miller with the youth scout project. He wanted approval to build a tennis return board for use at the tennis courts at Hemphill Park. This board would allow kids to practice tennis without the accompaniment of a second player; it would have wheels and be able to move around the court without tearing up the existing ground covering.

Brennan’s request was approved, so be on the lookout for his scout group to begin construction of this project soon! Next, a small discussion about part-time security at Berry’s Fish House on the weekends was approved. The board then moved to the street department where they approved the repair of certain streets in the city. The first approval was for the ditch at Eastwood Subdivision. The washout that has occurred here has been approved to be repaired, and JMT Construction will begin repair in the near future. Also approved is the repair of two streets in the Southern Oaks subdivision. These streets are the entrance for the neighborhood and East Southern Oaks Drive.

They will begin with the overlay repair of these streets soon. Finally, the city engineer requested the authorization to advertise and accept bids for the sewer rehab project for the city. This sanitation project will be advertised on June 23rd and 30th, with the final bids being opened on July 23rd at 10 in the morning. Electronic bidding was denied, so only paper bids in sealed envelopes will be accepted. There will be more details about this project by the end of the summer. The meeting came to an end just before 7 p.m., and the next meeting will be held on July 6th.

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