Florence Christmas Parade 2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Written By: Kerri Roberts

The Christmas season is all about coming together, traditions, and celebrations, and what better way to do all of these than the annual Christmas parade. The Florence community celebrated their Christmas tradition on the evening of Saturday, December 11, in the downtown square. The city had its decorations hung on the light poles, and the police force shut down the main roads to allow the parade to come through uninterrupted. The townsfolk lined the sides of the road, with kids and their candy bags, and awaited the annual Christmas spirit parade.

The parade opened with the Florence Volunteer Fire Department truck blaring its sirens and the JROTC of Florence High School carrying the flags. They were followed by the Big Red Band of Florence and their color guard. 4 motorcyclist policemen were heading up the rest of the parade with their lights flashing while doing coordinated circles and weaving up and down the streets. The Grinch even made his own appearance throwing candy, although he would pretend not to, so I guess the Grinch’s heart really has grown 3 sizes.

The Mayor, Bob Morris, and his family decorated a truck and trailer for the parade, followed by the Board of Aldermen (John Banks, Brian Grantham, Todd Norris, Trey Gunn, and John Helms) and their families in a separate truck and trailer. Candy was being thrown from inside the trucks and from the trailers, while one Alderman threw 2 handfuls in my direction.

Florence Powersports followed in line, with over 20 ATVs decorated for the season with lights and wreaths! Several had music playing as well. The local girl scouts and boy scouts were marching with their banners, all bundled up in coats to stay warm in the cold. Miss Rankin County made her appearance as well, and she was dressed to impress! She was followed by Teeny Miss Rankin County.

All the communities of Florence showed up to represent and showed out! There were the volunteer fire department trucks from Cleary, Hickory Ridge, and Monterey areas. All the trucks were decorated in the Christmas spirit with the volunteers throwing candy for their communities.

The parade ended on a bang with Santa riding right through downtown square throwing candy to all the children and their families. Ho-Ho-Ho…. Merry Christmas!

The cities and communities have their annual Christmas parades every December. Entire families show up to show their appreciation to their local communities, and Florence is no different with the mayor’s entire family, and the wives and children of the aldermen riding the floats with their city leaders. People from all walks of life show up for the parades, and it shows that communities really do come together when the moment counts. Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year.

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