Florence Alderman Meeting on July 22, 2021

By: Kerri Roberts

On the evening of July 22, the Florence Alderman board met again to discuss Discovery Christian adding in a portable building as a temporary classroom, the soccer contract with Hemphill Park, and a new business sign. Discovery Christian is a growing school, and while they have construction plans to add in more permanent classrooms, they are adding in more students than their existing buildings can accommodate. They want to add in a 24x64 temporary building as an extra classroom to house these children while the construction is in progress. The building will be parallel to 469 where there is already access to awnings, sidewalks, electricity, and water lines. This building goes against the city ordinances, but the school plans to apply for a variance. The public hearing does not have a date set yet.

Hemphill Park and the soccer association worked out the details of their new contract. The city wanted to raise the price of the contract to cover the price of the ever-rising costs of paint for the fields. After a 45-minute discussion, they finally came to an agreement and renewed their contract. Hemphill Park has the contract which states the park handles all the upkeep of the fields as well as covers the cleaning and utilities for the park’s use. The soccer association only must handle concessions and play on the fields.

Finally, Southern Diabetes Care Center got approval for their new sign.

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