Florence Alderman Board Meeting

By Kerri Roberts

The Florence Board of Alderman met on the evening of August 3, 2021. Sargent Glynn Hancock, Officer Kristen Arendale, and dispatcher were presented their Lifesaving Awards and Medals for going above and beyond the call of duty to begin the meeting. Jana-Len Jones of Troop 85 then presented her proposal for the building of octagonal tables and benches at the tennis courts at Hemphill Park.

The Public Works Department received approval for the city park pump station to be repaired by Hemphill Construction. The department also received approval for the Roxbury subdivision’s pump station to be repaired by Cooper Electric.

The Park Department received approval for electrical work. First, adding in a new circuit. Then, the underground lines were cut during another project that run to the outlet pedestal which is used during activities such as Florence Day. Apex will be working on both projects. Finally, approval for Apex Sports is to make the tackle and flag football jerseys for the park’s football teams.

Last, but certainly not least, Community Development received approval for Wings World to move into the old snow cone store location located behind Trustmark Bank.

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