Entry forms are now being accepted for “A Candyland Christmas”

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The City of Pearl is currently accepting float and group applications for the 2021 Pearl Christmas Parade. This year's theme is "A Candyland Christmas." The entry form deadline is Friday, November 19, at 4 p.m. Floats, single vehicles, truck and trailers, marching/dancing groups, and more are encouraged to apply.

Each entry must supply the total length of their parade entry, the number of vehicles or marchers, and a brief greeting to be read by an announcer during the event.

A representative from each application must attend the mandatory entrant meeting to be held Tuesday, November 30, at 6 p.m., at the Pearl Senior Center.

Each float must have four adults (two on each side) walking alongside the float to ensure spectators are standing outside of the parade route. The walkers are also responsible for ensuring that no items (candy, beads, cups, etc.) are thrown to parade spectators.

All entries must take and keep the place assigned to them by the line-up staff. Entrant number must be placed in a visible area such as dash or driver door. Each entry must have its assigned number at line-up arrival time. Parade line-up and must provide a “pooper scooper” to follow the entry, ensuring public safety and sanitation.

All marchers, walkers, and riders must remain with their unit in their assigned position in the staging area and proceed in a steady and continuous manner during the parade, maintaining a minimum of forty feet between entries.

No entry may exceed sixty-five feet in length or fourteen feet in height.

All entries must be operated in a legal, safe, and ethical manner in compliance with law enforcement and the City of Pearl directions, and community standards of good taste. Lewd, lascivious behavior, or profane music will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion from the parade.

The consumption of drugs or alcohol by parade participants is strictly prohibited.

The City of Pearl has adopted “The Santa Claus” clause. This clause prohibits any other float participant or entry to use any form of Santa Claus. Only one Santa Claus will be provided, presented, and established by the City of Pearl for the entire parade.

In the event of an emergency, vehicle breakdown, or equipment failure, entries should be moved promptly away from or off of the parade route, so as not to impede parade traffic, spectator view, or emergency vehicles. All issues of public safety rest expressly with the City of Pearl Police Department.

The parade staging area will be at Bright Shopping Center, located at 2405 US Highway 80 East.

Each entry is eligible to be judged and may stop and/or perform in front of the judges’ stand located on Old Brand Road at the Fallen Police Officer Memorial across from Pearl City Hall. There will be a maximum one-minute limit per performance. The judging categories this year are Most Christmas Spirit; Best “Candyland Christmas” Spirit; Brightest Lights; Best Marching Unit; and Best Overall Float.

A Candyland Christmas will begin at 6:30 p.m. on the evening of Saturday, December 4. The parade will again be around the City Hall Complex on Old Brandon Road.

Entrants may view and download a copy of the official entry form at https://forms.cityofpearl.com/212564975080056. Completed forms may be mailed to the City of Pearl, Attn. Stacy Smith, P.O. Box 5948, Pearl, 39288-5948; delivered to the Pearl Senior Center at 110 Valentour Road, Pearl, 39208 or emailed to Stacy Smith at ssmith@cityofpearl.com.

Call 601-863-3229 or email ssmith@cityofpearl.com for more information.

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